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Sheltered in the Waterberg mountain hills lie the popular land of a tourism town called Bela-Bela (previously called Warmbaths) in the Limpopo Province. Bela-Bela (derived from Setswana and loosely translated as ‘boiling-boiling’) is less than an hour from Pretoria (Gauteng) and its known across the world for hot springs that were discovered in the 1800’s. These 52°C hot mineral springs – that gush out of the earth at a rate of 22 000 litres of water per hour – are renowned for their healing and therapeutic properties.

With its warm winters and mild climate year round, Bela-Bela is increasingly becoming a favoured weekend or few-nights-away destination for people that do not want to travel too far to enjoy time out in the Waterberg region

Within the vibrant multi-cultural area of Bela-Bela lies M Court based in the township. M Court Township Tours is known for its combination of taxi ride, walking tour & donkey ride around the community of Bela-Bela. Bela-Bela Township is 5 minutes’ drive away from the mineral springs at Forever Resort. Bela-Bela Township is a safe and a conducive tourist destination of choice. It also offers visitors a distinctive experience. Touring in the vibrant multicultural township, you will experience a different side of Bela-Bela.

The beauty of a township is in the stories of black people. A walking tour combined with a donkey & taxi ride is conducted to provide an opportunity for tourists to experience authentic township vibe.

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Bela-Bela township is home to some of South Africa’s most prominent politicians.

From the Honourable Minister Edna Molewa to South African Football Association’s Honourable Lucas Nhlapo, Bela-Bela township has a rich history which is varied and for which M Court is proud.

As part of your township tour package, M Court will show you the houses from which Bela-Bela township’s most celebrated political icons were raised. Township tourists also get a chance to tour settlement areas named after some of South Africa’s eminent politicians – President Jacob Zuma and President Nelson Mandela.

Minister Edna Molewa
L Nhlapo

M Court Fun Tips

Bela-Bela is known for its friendly people and vibrant township life, but in order to fully enjoy your visit to this town, here is our cheat sheet:

  • 1Talk to the local people.
  • 2Bring along your camera.
  • 3Respect local culture & privacy, always ask.
  • 4Don’t be shy to try out the local language.
  • 5Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • 6Don’t forget to bring along your umbrella/cap.
  • 7Be smart. Do not expose of your valuables.

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