There is a huge skills shortage in South Africa which impacts negatively on its worldwide competitiveness.  Since the advent of democracy, the South African government has been faced with the challenge of addressing one of the major legacies of apartheid which is skills shortage that is affecting the majority of citizens of South Africa and with more emphasis on young men and women.

The prevalence of unemployment amongst young people in Bela-Bela continues to escalate because young women and men do not have relevant skills to make them eligible for South Africa’s job market.  M Court developed various intervention strategies to remedy this socioeconomic situation resulting in the birth of M Court Developmental Project because skills transfer is at the centre of all M Court’s projects

Our Vision

To bring young  people into the 21st century through innovation, access to resources and information

Our Mission

To improve the livelihoods of young people in Bela-Bela through skills development initiatives

Our Objectives

  • To network resources available for young community members
  • To equip young women and men with skills through development activities
  • To disseminate information education communication
  • To collaborate with relevant stakeholders to facilitate development opportunities for young people